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Engine Choice:

Advantages – Low fuel consumption rate. Generally less maintenance and longer lifespan before major overhaul. Often has more power than Gasoline Option.

Liabilities – May be difficult to start during winter if not equipped with block heater or near electrical outlets. Major overhauls can be more expensive. Lift running out of fuel causes more problems than with other engine choices. Most expensive option.

Advantages – Good starting without aids. Option of running lift on propane for indoors jobs. Cheaper engine choice than diesel.

Liabilities – Shorter lifespan than diesel models. More complicated management systems including the carburetor/fuel injection system and the governor more likely to cause problems than simpler diesel design.

Advantages – No emissions or smoke for indoor use. No fuel to purchase. Quiet operation.

Liabilities – Must have 110 volt power for charging batteries. Low drive power and very poor performance in rough terrain conditions.