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Select a working height:
Several things should be considered when choosing the working height of your boom lift. Many people go by the theory that they should buy the biggest lift they will likely ever need. This however may not be a good idea. Large lifts are usually more expensive and often more importantly are much heavier. Weight is a factor for two reasons. Trucking can be problematic with larger lifts weighing more than 20 tons. In addition heavy lifts are much much more likely to get stuck on a job site or on residential jobs to damage a homeowners lawn. Of course if a lift isn’t tall enough for your job it’s useless but for an occasional one week high job you may be better off renting a larger lift for those days. Working height is the height at which the average man reaches from the platform of a lift.

This size range is generally for use at indoor or paved jobs. Most lifts in this size bracket are electric powered.

This is the smallest size of boom lift currently available. Some lifts in this category are still possible to move on a heavy duty pickup truck with trailer.

This is one of the most common sizes of boom lifts. They are available in many configurations, models, and with several engine choices. They are often also the easiest size for resale because they are so commonly used.

This is the other common size of boom lifts. Like 46 to 65 foot booms these are also available in several configurations and engine choices, although electric power is very difficult to find in this large of lift. If weight is an important factor in your purchase you may wish to look closely in this size range as there are significant weight differences between models.

Larger lifts such as these are generally diesel powered though gas/propane was available on most. Transport again becomes an important issue with these lifts and some are equipped with extendable axles. These axles make for a lighter lift but increase set up time at a job site and can occasionally be troublesome in very cold weather.

These are large lifts that are usually diesel powered. They often have extendable axles. As this is considered an in between size by many rental companies it is sometimes possible to achieve a better price in this size range.

This is the largest size range. Booms this large are very large and heavy and often require overweight permits to haul. Many have standard four wheel drive and four wheel steering. There are significant differences between the working area of many models as some have computer that limit different functions.